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The true essence of traveling or touring places lies in



It is always preferred that one must travel on our own

without a planned agenda in a place like Italy.

Travel Goals


The best way to see and travel through diverse

and beautiful countries with the chance of sightseeing, camping

Welcome to Uni Camping!

Italy is a place to explore and experience. Apart from the eye catchy buildings and bogus lifestyles of the town,there are much more wonders hidden in this place.

Italy is far beyond what we see from outside.

Morning coffee during a camp

Unicamping is a website which gives you expert travel trips and also about amazing places in Italy which are must visit ones. The true essence of traveling or touring places lies in exploration. You won’t be able to enjoy the raw lifestyle and culture if you go there with a planned schedule and booked hotel rooms. Instead, it is always better to find a private camper which will give professional advice and tips about how to know the actual culture, tradition and picturesque places of that country. One can easily find a private camper at an affordable rate online.

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Did You Know?

Italy is not only known for its campsites, but also the surrounding areas, beaches, seasides and so much more, adding to the enjoyment of a camping trip.


Travel Tips

Road trips are one of the most amazing adventures one can experience with family and/or friends, if planned properly.

It is the best way to see and travel through diverse and beautiful countries with the chance of sightseeing, camping, etc. in the middle easily.

Plan Your Route

Keep your plans flexible, choose a loose route otherwise, where’s the fun?

Plan Your Budget

 Make sure you are able to avoid the hidden costs

Ready Ride For Travel

A well maintained vehicle will provide for a more comfortable ride.

Pack Like A Pro

Packing light will give you the freedom of room to collect authentic stuff

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