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Where To Rent Cars For Your Italian Road Trip

In a country famous for its monuments, vineyards, captivating art and succulent dishes, one of the things that’ll make sure you have the trip of your life is to rent your own car. The liberty of scheduling your own trips, breaks, start and end is indeed a luxury when you’re off in a distant land.

Before deciding on where you would be going for renting a car, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure the rentals you are approaching is a trusted brand. If possible, take reviews from a few people around.
  • Do not make money your ultimate factor. Make sure you take more important things into consideration such as insurance, choosing the right model for you, fuel usage and any other additional fees.



One of the most reputed car rentals of Italy, Europcar lets you choose your pick up, return, dates, as well as the type of car that you wish to drive. It ranges from mini to SUVs to elite, which a wide variety of models in each of them as well. It allows you to pay both online, as well as later, although it costs a little more when you pay the amount later on.



Autoeurope has been helping travellers have the best of road trips for over 60 years now. It provides its users with proper navigation, a list of cars to choose from, travelling tips and guides to make sure its users do not miss out on the best stuff just because you chose the wrong path. Autoeurope thus helps you in each step of scheduling the ultimate and undoubtedly, the best road trip of your life.



Locautorent is another famous car rental service provider in Italy that is reviewed to be excellent by many. The only thing to keep in mind while going for a car rented via Locautorent is to make sure that you get coverage before you rent it from them. It provides cars at a comparatively cheaper rate but also makes sure that the quality is not compromised.



Budget provides car along with a list of offers that go from 35% prepay rates to discounts depending upon the car that you are renting. It has a very reliable customer care and takes into account all safety measures for a secured road trip.

Thus, Italy does not fall short of car rentals, where along with the above-mentioned services, there’s also Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Primerent(for luxury and deluxe cars, considering you’re not on a budget here).

Final Words

Italian road trips can ensure memories of a lifetime if the ride is smooth; and from the options allowed to us by all these companies, there is no sacrificing comfort and fun. Give a read on How to properly prepare for a Road Trip.

So, the next time you’re thinking of having a road trip along the famous beaches of Italy or drive along the Leaning Tower of Pisa and other architectural masterpieces, you know where to go.

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